How to Get Rid of Eye Floaters?


How to get rid of eye floaters

When I started seeing floaters it reminded me of times when I was a little kid and I used to look at the sun and sometimes I would see these little spots, cobwebs, whatever. Now I know they are called eye floaters. I would also rub my eyes, or press my hands hard on my eyes and I would see some kind of flashing lights in eyes. I didn’t have the slightest idea what it was then, but it was something strange, interesting, I thought that I was seeing space somehow. Now that I grew older and I am in my early 40s I started seeing floaters in eyes constantly and it wasn’t funny anymore. I was going crazy.

I guess you know it – you try to focus on those floaters, but as you try to look straight at them, they move away, but still they stay within your vision. Sometimes I would forget about them, but while driving or reading it was harder and I was so irritated and stressed, I just couldn’t stand it.

So I Visited an Ophthalmologist

At first I didn’t know what it was and I only saw floaters now and then, mostly when I looked at the sun, but the amount of them grew and they became my everyday reality. I started to research the whole thing and went to see a doctor – an ophthalmologist. He explained the floaters to me and told me that luckily my condition wasn’t dangerous. He also told me that as long as I don’t see flashing lights in eyes, or if the number of my floaters doesn’t grow rapidly, I should just let it be and try to forget it. “Perhaps you stop seeing them, because if they stop moving, your brain will adapt and you won’t see them”, he said.

Let it be, alright. Easier said than done though. The one thing that scared me were the flashing lights in eyes, because the doctor told me, and I also researched it, that those are a clear sign of damaged or detached retina and that is a very serious issue. So if you experience these flashes, make sure you go to see your doctor as soon as possible. The sooner you see your doctor, the bigger are the chances your eyes can be fixed.

I didn’t want to let my floaters be, although they weren’t dangerous according to my doctor. They were annoying enough, so I kept searching for remedies and treatments, anything that would tell me how to get rid of eye floaters and came across reviews of this eBook called Eye Floaters No More. There was a 60 day money-back-guarantee, so I gave it a try.

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What Is Inside? (And Actually What Are Floaters?)

How to get rid of eye floaters

Well this is a typical eBook that you pay for, get a download link and so you can start reading it right away. I prefer to read on paper, so I printed it out. Immediately I was able to understand what the eye floaters were. The eBook is written in simple, but very informative way. I always thought floaters are something that’s on the surface of the eyeball, but that is completely false. Eye floaters are little pieces of the matter that broke off the wall of the eyeball, or the aggregates of protein floating within the eyeball. Well actually, floaters are the shadows that these little floating pieces cast on your retina. It is more complicated than that, of course, and of course there are many different reasons for eye floaters to appear and there are different stages of the conditions and your issues with floaters can be different. It can be less serious, it can be more serious.

As long as the floaters don’t come too near to your retina to tear it, they are not as dangerous. If they tear it – that is very dangerous and that is when you should immediately see your doctor. But make sure you go see your doctor in any case, because only he can tell whether your floaters are “only irritating”, or worse, a sign of a really dangerous condition.

How to get rid of eye floaters - eye ball

So with this eBook I was able to learn a lot about eye floaters in general. Once you understand them, you can find out pretty easy what kind of floaters you have, where they are positioned and you can communicate your issues to your doctor better.


There are natural ways of treating eye floaters and I didn’t know about these. I learned about them from the eBook and I changed my diet a little bit, adding the herbs and fruits into my daily routine and eventually after few weeks I started to notice there were less floaters in my eyes and after few month I was able to get rid of them completely.

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I wanted to save my two children from having to cope with eye floater themselves once they grow up, so I made them follow certain things in their diet and lifestyle and I believe they won’t have to ask how to get rid of eye floaters themselves in their future. I did the same for my husband and pretty much my whole family.

Me and my mother see each other on weekends mostly and one Sunday she was complaining about eye flashes and seeing spots and thanks to the eBook I was able to tell these are symptoms of “something’s wrong” with her retina, so we drove her right into hospital and she had a surgery that saved her eyes. Now that is a big deal, because I wouldn’t probably know how serious her symptoms were without having read the eBook.

Pros and Cons


  • Detailed explanation of the eye floaters.
  • Possible surgical procedures explained.
  • Locating the eye floaters.
  • Information on prevention from eye floaters.
  • Natural remedies.
  • Money-back guarantee.
  • Two more eBooks come along with the main one for free, which is always nice.


  • I thought the eBook could be longer and could be richer in the “remedies” section, but perhaps there are all possible mentioned.
  • It is always nice to read somewhat about the author of the book, I was surprised there was no “about me” section.

All in All

Although there are some cons that I named, the eBook made me instantly understand my problem and what is the most important – I was able to solve it, following the way it showed me. I learned much more from the book then from visiting my doctor, who advised me to let it be and that floaters weren’t dangerous in my case. Alright, but I know how irritating they were. The eBook made me adopt certain diet and using certain herbs I found the answer to “how to get rid of eye floaters” and I also made sure my children won’t be bothered by that question in the future. And I was able to save my mother’s eyesight.

So yes, it was worth the money, I’m definitely happy with the eBook. Remember, if you don’t like it, you can get your money back within 60 days.

Visit the official website of Eye Floaters No More where you can buy the eBook.

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