Dec 312016
 December 31, 2016

We all have lots of goals that we want to achieve, at least I do. And I’m not going to bore you the details with all of them.

But I will say this – my big goal for 2011 – is to make the following changes in speed:

5K – Go from 7:40 mile to a 7:20 mile

10K- Go from a 7:50 mile to a 7:30 mile

I’d like my comfort zone to be more of a 7:30 mile. And to push beyond that would be for Racing.

My next big 5K is in February. It’s a challenging course, with some hilly parts, but we’ll see if I can make a new PR that will bring me closer to my goal. Whatever the case for this next race, I want to get out of the 7:40! Lets at least move to the 7:30s!!

Stay tuned.

*What is your one, big goal in 2017?

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