Jan 132017
 January 13, 2017

I’ve been pretty fortunate not to have many (if any) injuries from running. That being said, lately my body has been giving me a “persistent” reminder that I need to take more time *before* I run to loosen it up. Okay, okay, I get it. I’m on it.

So what is this reminder? It’s my hips of all places! Some people get soreness in their knees, muscles, back, neck – mine just happens to be on the side of my hips, esp after a long run.

By the way: Did you know your hips change after giving birth?

Anyway, after asking fellow runners what I should do, here is what I came away with:

  1. Invest in a foam roller.
  2. Do Yoga twice a week.
  3. Pre-Run hip exercises.
  4. Post-Run stretches
  5. Ice & Massage (i like the latter =))
  6. Finally, my friend Mark H. swears by Chi Running

What’s your favorite way to loosen your body up for a Run?

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