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 January 7, 2017

I have always been hip to sports and I have always tried to live healthy, but anyway, this pain in my left leg coming from the lower back down occurred and it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t sit, I couldn’t stand still, because the sharp pain would be shooting through my butt and down like hell. Walking would ease it a little, but it was still so annoying. Physician told me it was sciatica and it needs a rest and a little exercise and the pain would subside. Well, so I rested and then I started to do exercises he told me, but these were some basic exercises that didn’t help that much and I was still going crazy. I couldn’t stand the constant pain and numb feeling in leg.

official website of the e-book that showed me how to deal with sciatica

Sciatica is not a disease on its own, but it’s a term that describes the symptoms, it is the pain caused by different conditions in which the sciatica nerve is being irritated. My sciatica was caused by herniated disc at the lower back part of my spine. That is what I learned from my physician, but knowing it didn’t help me get rid of the pain.

When I complained to my physician that I can’t stand it, he told me to keep doing the exercises and suggested to try acupuncture. I tried it, but it didn’t work. The pain stayed with me and I was really desperate. I was taking pills to take the pain away and it did work, but I didn’t want to keep on taking pills all the time, because I wanted to cure the cause of that pain. I was afraid that if it doesn’t subside, I’ll have to get a surgery.

I started researching all about it online and found a few “miracle solutions” that cure sciatica instantly and for good with this and that. I also came across Sciatica SOS e-book reviews and got myself a copy. They provide 60-day money back guarantee without questions, so I gave it a try. You can visit their official website here.

My Sciatica SOS review

It is a doctor certified e-book. I paid for it and got a download link. I downloaded it and printed it out (Along with it comes a bunch of books for free which is a nice thing. I’ll probably read them later and review them as well). The e-book’s tagline says it teaches you how to get rid of sciatica in 7 days or less, guaranteed. I have been through some eBooks before, but now I was really impressed with the overall quality – it is very well structured – it goes step by step explaining what sciatica is, what the possible causes of sciatica pain are (it teaches you to find out what causes your sciatica pain), there is a remedies section in which you can find this recipe for a drink that helps a lot along with other remedies, there are special exercises for different causes of sciatica, there are diet and lifestyle changes that affect sciatica and plenty of tips on how to get rid of sciatica pain.

This e-book is really rich in content and is very well written. It is also very well illustrated and the exercises are easy to learn with the help of the pictures. I was really surprised, because this is not a standard with e-books.

For more information, visit the official website here


So, Does It Work?

When I was reading the Sciatica SOS I wanted to start the program right away. First thing I made the drink and I also made all the other remedies a part of my everyday life. There are different conditions that may cause sciatica and there are special exercises for each condition. So I started with the first set and after some time I moved to the second set of the exercises. I believe it is important to do these exercises carefully the right way and the instructions and the pictures make it easy to do so.

The e-book also gives you a plenty of lifestyle with sciatica tips and so I started, for example, to sleep in such way that it helps to get rid of sciatica.

So the tagline says it knows how to get rid of sciatica in seven days. Well, I must say it already made me feel better in the first week and I kept on exercising and drinking the drink, had my husband massage me with another remedy from the e-book, and also taking all the other remedies and I was able to cure my sciatica completely in a few weeks finally.

Pros and Cons

+ It is doctor certified.
+ Affordable and it gives you back money if you are not satisfied.
+ It is well structured and rich in content.
+ Rich in illustrations.
+ Easy to follow exercises, remedies and tips.
+ Did I say doctor certified?
+ It worked for me.
+ Bunch of other e-books comes with it for free.

– You have to print it out, or read it on your devices, because it’s an e-book. (Where all the hardbacks at?)
– It’s not something you read and you’re cured out of blue. You have to implement exercises and some diet changes into your everyday life to cure sciatica.

Spreading the Word

My friend is pregnant and started feeling electrifying pain in buttocks. She didn’t know what it was and she didn’t want to take pills, because she was pregnant and all she did were some exercises that didn’t help. Of course when she told me, I immediately knew it was sciatica and I gave her the e-book. She is now fit again also.

This e-book is beautiful and if you are looking for a serious thing to get you over your sciatica pain, visit the official website and get it. I hope it will help you as it helped me.

Enjoy 🙂

Visit the Official Website Where You Can Get Your Copy


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