Dec 252016
 December 25, 2016

I’ve read so many obvious tips about running in the snow (layer up, remember to hydrate, wear gloves, yadda yadda. Good tips, but redundant..)

So here are some suggestions I’ve researched that I’m anxious to try out.

  1. Wear yellow lens sunglasses.
  2. Fill half your water bottle with warm water so it doesn’t freeze mid-run.
  3. Cotton shirts are a no-no.
  4. Saran wrap your feet to prevent you them from getting wet.
  5. Remember Yaktrax or microspikes for added traction.
  6. When you’re bombarded by naysayers, remember snow acts as a shock absorber on your joints AND it puts your stabilizing muscles into use. Snow running is not so crazy 🙂

* Can you think of any other fun tips that are useful for running in the snow?

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