Dec 292016
 December 29, 2016

Bay to Breakers – The Race

Where is your position at the starting line?

Does anyone else find it confusing as to your position at the starting line? Im still trying to figure it out. Although Ive been running for awhile now, racing is new to me (like, within the past year or two..)

However, I have experimented a couple different times with various positioning. This is what I’ve found for myself:

In the first row, dead center

I did not like this position! It’s not much of an ego boost when you feel like the entire pack is passing you up (even when they aren’t, still feels that way).

In the back

Nope. Now I felt like everyone in front of me (and I mean that was everyone) had a head start. That just made me panic.

In the middle of the pack

Unless it’s really cold and I need the body heat off fellow runners, I wont be trying this again. I got this overwhelming feeling of squished and… claustrophobic.

In the front/middle to the side

YES! I liked this one the best because I was able to stay on my own little track on the border. It just worked best for me.

* Where do you like to position yourself in the pack?

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