Jan 272017
 January 27, 2017

(above: when I opened my deck door..)

Man, we are just getting SLAMMED with snow here in the Northeast. I love my outdoor runs, but there’s just no way iz gon’ happen. There isn’t enough “road” for cars, muchless a crazy runner.

Okay so it’s the dreaded mill tonight. Gonna try and put in some intervals and watch something interesting on TV. Any suggestions? Whats good on TV nowadays.. Im on the lookout for some good programming 😉

Oh and after reading a few articles, I discovered the 5 best intervals to burn FAT if you’re looking to lose weight:

  • Sprinting outdoors (aka- hills)
  • Kettlebell training (seen here) —> very intimidating to me, what do u think?
  • Bodyweight Interval Circuit
  • Treadmill Running
  • Stationary bike


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