Feb 052017
 February 5, 2017

So in my brief history of racing (close to 3 years now), this was probably the one I was most disappointed by.

There were several factors that I should have considered, and I’m disappointed with myself that I didn’t think of them.

Here’s where everything fell apart:

1. I got to the “starting line” late. So I was in the last row (practically) and didn’t even hear the gun go off. It took a good :40 seconds of walking before I was able to get to a “run.”

2. Didn’t have a great warm up.

3. The majority of the course was hills – not good for a person who rarely does hill workouts.

4. My stomach. I dont know what happened. But around mile 2, my stomach started gurgling – really loud (I could hear it with my iPod on!) And the cramps – brutal.

5. My ego got the best of me. When I was about to cross the finish line, I saw 24:15, and I thought “well this just stinks. why push it now. my workouts are faster that this.” And with that, I strolled to the finish line, when I probably should have gunned it.

So.. I will redeem myself in another 5K coming up next month. I will, I will. Hopefully.

Finish time: 24:49 Pace: 7:59

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